Running with Rats is going on hiatus until March 3, 2017.
If you want to know more, read under the cut.

As you may know, I have other writing obligations besides Running with Rats. I have a novel to write and edit, and the deadline for the first draft is quickly approaching. (It’s the sequel to this – ‘knights fight off an alien invasion’!)

And, frankly… you might have noticed that each installment of Running with Rats varies wildly in both length and quality.  This is my fault. I haven’t built up a consistent backlog of work- which is the first step to making something you all want to read!

Creating a weekly serial AND creating a novel are both hard work. Putting the two together- and adding a time crunch to it – is causing me severe burnout, and burnout means nothing gets done at all.

So in order to make the best stories I can, I’m taking a break from Running with Rats. When Alix and friends come back, it’ll hopefully be in better-edited, less inconsistent form.


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