In the city of Isseran, everything is in its proper place.

The streets… most of them… are laid out in a neat grid. The Cathedrals of Industry meet their quota every day. The priests and prophets turn lio – the stuff that dreams are made of- into great works that help the people. And the caste system keeps society running like a well-oiled machine.

But the machine grinds unfortunates between its gears. Slaves and soldiers want more than their masters will give them; rebellion hangs in the air.

Alix Black-Eyes stumbles into a small band of rebels who call themselves the Rat Runners. They steal lio from their former masters, and hope to harness its endless power to stop the cruel machine. Can Alix and her new friends build something better in its place, or will their differences tear their rebellion apart before it can truly begin?

Running with Rats is a dieselpunk webserial that updates every Friday.

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